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Langur Way Canopy Walk

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Langur Way Canopy Walk

Langur Way Canopy Walk is an attraction at the Habitat Penang Hill which allows you to walk through the jungle and get the most amazing views of the entire place. This walk itself has boosted the eco tourism of the Penang Hill and has been a major draw for both tourists and locals alike. The best feature of the walk, however, is that it is entirely tree friendly. The steel wires are not anchored directly to the trees hence cause no harm to them. This in return, helps to conserve them and allows tourists to get a close view of the jungle’s canopy. The unrivaled views provided by the Langur Way Canopy Walk is the most beautiful one you will ever see. As the path is constructed 40 meters above the jungle floor, you will be subjected to the views of the hills as well as the Andaman Sea beyond.

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  • Location - Jalan Bukit Bendera, Bukit Bendera, 11500 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

  • Height - With various observation decks, the Langur Way Canopy Walk stands approximately 40 meters above the jungle floor.

  • Length - All the observation decks span about 230 meter in length, without the steel wires being directly anchored to the trees, so the entire area is ‘tree friendly’.

  • Operating Hours - 9 am - 8 pm

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Faqs For Langur Way Canopy Walk

What are the other attractions at Habitat Penang hills?

There are many attractions to visit with the Habitat Penang Hill tickets:

  • Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk: It is Penang Island's highest observation point, reaching 2673 feet above sea level and offering unrivaled views of Penang Hill's ancient residences. You might even bring your nature loving sweetheart here and propose to them in the midst of Mother Nature's beauty.

  • Trail & Gardens: If you need to go for a stroll or just relax to get out of the rush and hustle bustle of the city life, the Penang Botanic Gardens are among the top places to visit at Habitat Penang Hill. The paths also offer the best views of the area and lead to the submit.

  • Sunset Walk: The Sunset Walk at Penang Hill will allow you to experience one among the most spectacular and stunning sunsets you've ever seen. Soak up the sun from the highest observation platform, then take a Guided Night Walk with the lantern light to climb down the hill.

Which are the cafes in habitat penang hills?

There are many cafes at the Habitat Penang Hill:

The Habitat Shop and Cafe:

  • The Habitat Shop and Cafe, a combination of both a retail store and a cafe, welcomes visitors to browse through items and have one of the best meals of their lives.
  • The place has special oils, handmade jewelry along with crafts, handmade bags and so much more, all made by the Women of the Penan Community.
  • Location - The Habitat Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, 11300 Penang, Malaysia.
  • Opening Hours - 9:00am to 6:00pm

The Rimba Cafe:

  • The Rimba Cafe is another precious jewel of the Habitat Penang which will serve you yummy pastries, coffee, snacks and so much more.
  • You will also be able to get the entry tickets here for your visit to the Habitat Penang.
  • Location - Lower Station, Bukit Bendera, 11300 Penang, Malaysia.
  • Opening Hours - 8:30am to 7:30pm

Why is langur way canopy walk so popular?

Langur Way Canopy provides some of the best views of forest valleys along with the Andaman Sea, while also offering you a walk among the jungle while being 40 meters above the forest floor. This entire walk is ‘tree friendly’ as none of the steel wires are anchored to the trees themselves, and this is what makes the langur way canopy walk so popular.

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