The Habitat Penang Hill

Plan for a trip an exciting trip by opting for the Habitat Penang Hill Tickets price to make the most of your time in Penang. The Rainforest Discovery Centers is a great place to take the whole family for an educational outing in the heart of the Amazon. There is no better place to get a taste of Malaysia's rainforest than at the Habitat Penang Hill. Take a deep breath of fresh air as you immerse yourself in the 130-million-year-old rain forest. Using the Nature Trail as a guide, the Naturalists will introduce you to The Habitat's diverse collection of plants, trees, insects, birds, and other wildlife.

On the 230-meter Langur Way Canopy Walk, you may get a bird's-eye view of the rainforest's flora and fauna. Curtis Crest Treetop Walk at the top of Penang Hill is another option for visitors to enjoy the 360-degree views of Penang Island from the highest point in Penang. The Shop on the Hill sells items related to environment and culture that are both instructive and responsibly manufactured. At the Habitat Café, you may indulge in handmade coffee and exquisite cakes to round out your day. A 40-meter-high concrete canopy walk connects the two sides of the building. Which, when combined with the fact that it's already 700 metres above sea level, makes it the highest point in Malaysia. The bridge can accommodate up to 900 persons (each weighing 100 kg) at the same time. From 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., the Habitat is open (Last entry at 4:45pm). Sustainability, conservation, research, and education are all cornerstones of Habitat.

Habitat Penang Hill Tickets

Get the best deal on The Habitat Penang Hill Tickets and go on a journey of self-discovery and jungle exploration. You can explore Penang's lush flora with the Wild Immersion VR ticket. One movie ticket is included in the purchase for all ages for The Habitat Penang Hill Tickets.

Penang Hills may be seen from the top of the hill in the regular admission ticket. The ticket prices are the same for children and the elderly. However, if you purchase the Wild Immersion VR experience and habitat basic admission ticket, you will be able to enjoy both panoramic and virtual reality experiences

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The Habitat Penang Hill Tickets Highlights

The Habitat Penang Hill Ticket Highlights
  • On top of the 230-meter Langur Way Canopy Walk, be amazed by the biodiversity of the rainforest's canopy valleys and the views of George Town and the Andaman Sea.
  • Immerse yourself in the splendour of Penang's 130-million-year-old rainforest and its enchanted features, which will undoubtedly improve your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • The Habitat Penang Hill Tickets price lets you head to Penang's highest observation point, offers a stunning 360-degree panorama of Penang Island.
  • As you stand at The Habitat Penang Hill's highest observation point, take in the beautiful views of Penang Island.
  • View the flora and creatures that thrive inside the environment for their refreshing beauty.
  • Take a ride on Asia's highest and longest funicular train track.

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Habitat Penang Hill

Purchase Skip the line tickets:Habitat Penang Hill is one of the most popular attractions, it is well-known for its 130 years old Malaysian Rainforest. So, despite standing in a long queue, one can step ahead by booking the tickets online to avail the best package for the tours. One can get the Habitat Penang Hills tickets easily by booking it online.

Book Tickets in advance:Book your tickets in advance for the date of tour. The e-ticket will be sent to you via email, which you have to show before entering the place. In this way you can save some time and avoid standing in the long queue.

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Best Experiences at The Habitat Penang Hill

Langur Way Canopy Walk
Langur Way Canopy Walk

While building the bridge, workers noticed a family of Dusky Leaf Langurs chewing on forest canopy leaves on the wires that would later be dubbed Langur Way Canopy Walk. From the forest floor to the emergent canopy, visitors may see everything the forest has to offer during a trip along Langur Way. In addition to seeing the Andaman Sea, tourists will be able to see the forest valleys and three headlands that cross two valleys from the summit.

Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk
Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk

The Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk on the plateau above the Mid-Point Rest Area and Museum is one of the best attractions at the Habitat Penang Hill and it is the highest public observation point in the United States, at a height of 13 metres. Up to 120 persons can be accommodated at a time, and it provides breath-taking views over Penang, especially George Town, from the island's highest public viewing point.

Trail & Gardens
Go for The Habitat nature trail:

The Habitat nature trail is located just a few minutes' walk from the Penang Hill Funicular Railway's Top Station and is 1.6 kilometres long. The Habitat theme park and three of the hill's oldest historic bungalows can be seen from the walk. The Andaman Sea and the undulating hills beyond have been meticulously recreated with framed lookouts. These framed images evoke Penang Hill's charm and awe-inspiring grandeur.

Sunset Walk
Sunset Walk:

Penang Hill is a great place to see the sunset. First, take a walk along the rainforest paths of Sunset Walk, Penang's highest point with a panoramic view of the setting sun. Return to the entrance of The Habitat after a night-time stroll through the sounds of insects and wildlife.

The Flight of the Colugo
The Flight of the Colugo:

This adventure course includes three zip lines, an abseil, and a rope bridge, and is called the Flight of the Colugo Zip. The Colugo Zip, which takes its name from the Sunda Colugo, also known as the Malayan Flying Lemur, provides guests with a unique perspective on the rainforest's natural beauty. Visitors will be able to soar through the rainforest like a Colugo, flying from tree to tree. Visitors will be escorted by the well-trained Rangers, who will provide information on the park's natural history and answer any questions they may have.

The Wild Immersion VR Experience
Experience The Wild Immersion VR:

The world's first virtual wildlife reserve, Wild Immersion, is now open in Penang. Immerse yourself in the natural world and be awed by the diversity of the planet's creatures.

Giant Swing
Giant Swing:

The Habitat Penang Hill's Giant Swing may be seen on a nature walk. The Habitat theme park and three of the hill's oldest historic bungalows can be seen from the walk. The Andaman Sea and the undulating hills beyond have been meticulously recreated with framed lookouts. These framed images evoke Penang Hill's charm and awe-inspiring grandeur.

Cafe at Habitat Penang Hill
Enjoy Food at Café:

If you've had enough of climbing Penang Hill, relax with a cup of coffee and some of the best baked goods in the city. Despite the restricted menu options, this is a nice spot to unwind and refresh. Some of the best places to dine out here are Shop On The Hill, Sky Terrace, and Monday Buddies.

Forest Environment
Learn about forest environment:

In order for children of all ages to learn about the natural world, the Habitat Penang Hill is an ideal location for an outdoor school. The canopy walkways and nature paths offer a rare opportunity to see the forest's plants and creatures from above as well as on the forest floor. It is with great pride that it provides the unique Habitat Rainforest Explorer Program, designed to maximise learning opportunities in a forest setting.

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